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At JR's Custom Woodworks

Our Services Include

Handmade Custom Countertops  // Eastern Hard Rock Maple Butcher Block counter tops of varying thickness as per design specifications // Eastern Hard Rock Maple Butcher Block Islands // Eastern Hard Rock Maple Wide Plank Counter tops and Islands // Miscellaneous custom woodwork and much more...

The kitchen. It's where we prepare our favourite meals. It's where we socialize and make memories. It's where we enjoy a meal with the people we love.


We believe that there is no bolder statement in a kitchen than a solid, stylish countertop built from Eastern Hard Rock Maple wood. Master wood craftsmen work with you to build the countertop of your dreams.

Whether your new or renovated Kitchen, Bathroom or Laundry includes Counter Tops, Islands or Shelving, WE CAN HELP.

Bring some of nature's most enduring woods indoors and be proud of your beautiful modern kitchen, bathroom and laundry.



Highest Grade


Professional High Quality Workmanship 


Fully Customized to Meet Your Needs

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